Behala. Dist. 24 Purganas. Estd. 21 May 1853. The Behala Brahma Samaj, Behala near Calcutta.
Founder:— The late Babu Bacharam Chatterji.
Secretary:—Babu Kaliprasan Mukerji, Behala.
Members:— 20, Non-anusthanic.
Meetings:—Sunday evening service in Bengalee.
Mandir:— There is a fine building with a big compound, consecreted on 14th Nov. 1861.
Ministers:— Babus Kaliprasanna Mukerjee, Ashoknath Cbatterjee, Sidhinath Chatterji and Chintamani Chatterji; of whom the last is a Minister of the Adi Brahma Samaj.
Anniversary: — The peculiar feature not observed anywhere else is Parayen viz. reading of certain chapters from the Brahma Dharma Granth in chorus.
Institution:—One Middle Vernacular School with a fine building.

Benibun. (Pirpur.) Dt. Howrah. Pirpur Brahma Samaj, Post Office Uluberia, Dt. Howrah.
Secretary:—Dr. Accowri Sinha Roy, Pirpur, Uluberia P. O.
Sympathisers:— 60.
Meetings: —One weekly divine service, one ladies meeting and a Sunday School. All conducted in Bengalee.
Mandir:—The Samaj has a Mandir of its own.
Institutions:—One Primary School for girls aided by Go­vernment. Every member has to pay a subscription of not less than one anna a month. N. B.—Benibun and Pirpur Samaj are one and the same.

Bhagalpur. Behar. Estd. 22nd February 1864. Bhagalpur Brahma Samaj, No 14, Wace Road, Bhagalpur.
Secretary:—Baboo Nibaran Chandra Mookerjee, m. a., b.a. 18, Wace Road, Bhagalpur .
Members. Anusthanic:— 13 Males, 14 Females, 36 Children.
Non-Anusthamic:—3 Males, 2 Females.
Sympathisers:- 4
Meetings:—Divine Services on Sunday evenings in Bengalee generally, and occasionally in Hindi for the benefit of the Beharis.
Mandir:—The Samaj has a pretty little Mandir of its own in a quiet corner consecrated in February 1880.
Minister:—Baboo Hari Sundar Basu.

Boalia. District Rajshahi. Established 1866. Boalia Brahmo Samaj, Boalia, Rajshahi.
Secretary:- Mr. Braja Lal Das—Head Tauzir-Navis, Rajshahi.
Members:— 4 Anusthanic Families:- 4 men, 4 women, 11 children, 11 Non-anusthanic families.
Meetings:—Weekly Divine Service, occasional lectures and special divine services in Bengalee.
Mandir:—The Samaj has a pacca Mandir called the “Paribarik Brahma Mandir” established by the late Mr. Krishna Jiban Saba in 1866 and improved by his brother Mr. Krishna Kanta Saba with the additions of Pathshala and a large well for water supply.Divine Services are also held at thePathashala on Saturday evenings.

Ministers: — 1. Baboo Nabin Kumar Datta M. A. Professor, Rajshahi College.
2. Hara Kumar Guha, Superintendent, Agricultural Model Farm, Rajshahi.
3. Ram Lal Upadhyaya.
4. Braja Lal Das.
Funds —1. Charitable Fund consisting of 2 Government Pro­missory Notes of Rs. 200 and any other annual donations received for the purpose of distributing charities at the anniversary of the Samaj.
2. General Fund to meet current expenditure of the Samaj collections are received monthly from every member. No fixed rate of payment.
A special feature of the anniversary is that charities are dispensed to the poor in the form of new rugs, clothes and coins.

Brahman Baria Dt. Tipperah, Bengal. Estd.1901. The Brahman Baria Upasana Samaj Brahman Baria, Dt. Tipperah Bengal.
Secretary:—Mr. Rama Kanai Dutta, Government Pleader, Brahman Baria, Tipperah.
Members on roll:—12. Anusthanic Brahmas 20.
Meetings:—Devotional Services every week in Bengalee.
Mandir:—The Samaj has a Mandir of its own consecrated in 1901.
Publication.—"Naba Brahma Upasana.”
Institutions.—There is a philanthrophic society attached to the Samaj, composed of boys and is called “Sevak Sabha.”

(1)The Burdwan Adi Brahma Samaj, was established 50 years ago through the exertions of Messrs. Nobin Krishna Palit and Chandra Sekhar.
Mandir:—Has a pucca building for its Mandir.
Member:—A single Brahma.
Meeting:—Divine Service Wednesday evening.
(2) The Burdwan Sadharan Brahma Samaj, Estd. 1901.
Secretary:—Mr. Binod Bibari Basu, Burdwan.
Members:—1. Amtsthanic Brahma.
2. Non-anusthanics.
Mandir and Meetings:—There is a small building consecrat­ed in 1901 where divine services are held on Sunday evenings in Bengalee.

Calcutta. Estd. 23 January 1830 (IIth Magh) (1) The Adi Brahma Samaj, 55, Upper Chitpore Road, Calcutta.
Founder—The Great Rajah Ram Mohan Rai.
Secretary—Babu Ravindra Nath Thakur.
Meeting—One weekly service in Bengalee & Sanskrit.
Mandir—Consecrted by Rajah Ram Mohan Rai on the 11th day of the Hindu month Magh, 23rd January 1830, which day is observed by all Brahmas & Brahma Samajes and is also Gazetted as a holiday for Brahmas by the Government of Bengal.
Ministers—Babus Satyendra Nath Thakur, Ravindra Nath Thakur, Priyanath Shastri, and Chintamani Chatterji.
Journals:—Tatwabodhini Patrica—Editor, Baboo Satyendranath Thakur; Asst. Editor Baboo Chintamani Chatterji.
Mission Fund:—Nearly Rs. 3,000.
Institution:—Santiniketan Ashram at Bolpnr.
Brief History:—Rajah Ram Mohan Rai founded the Brahma Sabbha on the 22nd August 1828.