History of movemnets - 12

The following books were written and published in Urdu by Bhai Prakash Dev during the last 6 years of his stay in the Punjab.
1.    Brahma Dharma Ke Vyakhyan… 2 parts.
2.    Life of Budha in 3 parts.
3.    Sangit Mala...Revised and published twice on behalf of the P. B. Samaj.    
4.    Grihast Dharma.    
5.    Brahma Dharma Shiksha.
6.    Atheism and Materialism refuted...Trans­lated by Lala Ram
       Narain Gupta B A., ll. b.

7.    Mashrahi and Maghrabi Dhasam Bhao.
8.    A great problem for India.
9.    Dhyam Ka Rup and Sarup.
10.  Svadesh Pnem.
11.  Causes of the downfall of India.
12.  Epoch making Ram Mohan Ray.
13.  God is living being.
14.  Time and Reform.
15.  Brahma Dharma a Religion of Love.
16.  Para-kal Tatva.
17.  Ruhani Guldasta.         
18. Method of Divine Service. (Reprinted)

Places Visited    

Simla,Kasauli, Guj'ranwala, Amritsar, Rawal
Pindi, Ferozepoor, Gujrat, Bhera, Qasur, Multan Phillour, Delhi Bhawalpur Baluchistan Quetta
Chinon, Peshinswan, Sindh, Kurachee, and Hyderabad.

Lucknow, Sligarh, and Allahabad, Calcutta,
Bankipur, Muzzapur, Beshenpoor Cuttack Burdwan, Maurbhunj, Orissa.
Bombay, Baroda, Bharoch and Ahmedabad.

At almost all the above places he conducted divine services, delivered public lectures and held conversational meetings.
Through the efforts of Bhai Prakash Dev a Brahmm Samaj was established at Rawalpindi with tbe help of Lala Ruchi Ram Sahni, late Bhai , Balmukand and Pundit Harichand Sudan. Efforts are being made to build a Mandir for which a piece of landJias been Ijpu^ht for two thousand Rs. out of which fourteen hundred have already been collected Rupees five thousand more will be required for the building of the Mandir and the Missionary Quarters.
Lala Raghunath Sahai, B. A