History of movemnets - 9

Whilst the male members of the Samaj were chiefty engaged in starting and maintaining these institutions, the female members were not altogether idle. From the earliest times, they combined for the purposes of self-improvement, and the propaga­tion of our principles among the feminine portion of the community. They first started a society called the Banga Mahila Samaj, under which they weekly assembled to have joint prayers, and also started a small circulating library with the object of promot­ing culture amongst themselves. The Banga Mahila Samaj in course of time gave place to another institution, chiefly confined to ladies, which holds its weekly meetings even now for the purpose of joint prayers, the reading of papers and discussions.’  Some ladies connected with this institution have started a Widows Home, where a number of Hindu widows have found shelter. A ladies’ workshop has also been recently started in the neighbourhood of the Sadharan Brahma Samaj Mandir, where Brahmaladies assemble during mid day for four days in the week to learn such arts as needle-work, sewing, knitting, embroidery etc.

Another institution recently started and maintain­ed by the Samaj is the Brahma Boys’ Boarding School, which has its location in Calcutta. It is intended for the children of the members of the Samaj living in the country.
It is also worthy of mention in this place that some members of the Samaj headed by Mr. Sasipad Banerjee of Barra-Nagur, have chiefly concerned themselves for many years past with the moral and spiritual welfare of the working-classes connected with the mills of that place. Chiefly through the exertion of Mr. Banerjee, a workmen’s institute has been built to which he has made over his private library. In connection with this Institute, periodical lectures are delivered to the working people and every encouragement is given to the spread of culture amongst them. The above, though a brief and running report will give some idea of the work done by the Sadharan Brahma Samaj during the years of its existence.