The first attempt at collecting and publishing the information regarding  the general progress of Theism in India was made by the late Rev. P. C. Muzumdar. About 1872 he began to publish his Theistic Annual and continued it till 1879 in which and the next years he published his quarterly reviews. The same work was taken up and pursued in a more systematic way by Miss S. D. Collet from 1876 to 1882 with the object as she announced in the preface to her first Brahma Year Book of 1876”—to supply periodically, recent and reliable information on the chief represen­tative features of this Church, so interesting alike to the practical Christianity and the religious philoso­pher”. At the All-lndia Theistic Conference held in Benares in 1905, I was requested by resolution to compile a Theistic Directory. But not being able to receive satisfactory information of all the local Samajes inspite of my repeated correspondence, I re­gret to confess, I had to
give up this task twice, since 
I took it up in 1906. But as I had already printed some matter, I made a third attempt to pull it through, and I offer this small book with great misgivings to my Brahma fellow-workers in India and friends abroad for whatever it is worth. I could not withhold this especially as I found the historical sketches of the many local Samajes, sent to me by men on the spot and eye-witnesses, to be of absorbing interest. The story of the struggles in the distant and obscure corners of this land, even the failures, as well as the message of hope and good-will hailing from beyond the seas will, I trust, cheer up the drooping heart of the practical worker in the field.

Finally I thank most sincerely all the friends who have contributed articles to the first part and sent information for the second part of this Directory and the Hon’ble Sir N. G. Chandavarkar for writing the Introduction. My thanks are also due to my friends Mr. D. G. Vaidya and Mr. V. S. Sohoni, for their help in correcting the proofs.

depressed Classes Mission,
Parel, Bombay,    
December 1912.