History of movemnets - 11

In 1892 he had given up a good post in the N. W. R. Examiner’s office to devote himself entirely to the service of God and humanity. In November 1892 he joined the Sadhan Ashram along with the late Bhai Sunder Singh as mentioned above. In 1893 on the occasion of Magh Utsava he was ordained as a worker of the Ashram by the late Maharashi Davendra Nath Tagore. He worked at Calcutta and other places in Bengal for a year or so. In 1894 a branch of the Sadhan Ashram was opened at  Arra in Behar with Bhai Prakash Dev as Superintendent where he worked till 1896 when the Arra Ashram was transferred to Bankipur. During all this time the late Bhai Sunder Sing followed him like a twin brother and friend.

On his return from an extensive tour in the Punjab, Baluchistan, and Cutch; it was discovered that Bhai Prakash Dev was suffering from diabetes of a very serious type which was due to his incessant mental labours. As he was advised to take complete rest, for some time, he was relieved of his onerous duties as Superintendent of the Ashram and Babu Gurudas Chakravarti was appointed to take his place at Bankipur. He was sent to Darjeeling for a change where he stayed for some months. When a little better he went to the Punjab and Baluchistan on Mission tour along with Pandit Shiv Nath Shastri and Babu Satish Chandra Chakravarti. Several leading Brahmas in the Punjab and Baluchistan and notably Prof. Ruchi Ram Sahni Very much wished that Bhai Prakrash Dev be per­manently stationed in the Punjab but the Sadhan Ashram authorities could not spare him. For this reason Bhai Prakash Dev could pay only occasional visits to the Punjab though his heart was always in the land of his birth as he belongs to a small town named Sadhora in the Amballa district. At the urgent request of some friends from the Punjab and to meet his own wishes he was as mentioned above spared for the Punjab. He at once began his opera­tions there in right earnest. Brahma Pracharak was strengthened. Armoonati Sabha which was lately started by brother Lala Raghunath Sahai to train young men for the Brahma Samaj was re-organised and placed on proper and firm footing. A Sadhak Mandali for ladies was started. A Theological Class for young men was opened. These various institutions did useful work for a number of years. The very first year of his regular work in, the Punjab he succeeded in initiating into Brahma Dharma

1) Lala Raghunath Sahai B. A. Head Master Union Academy, Lahore, and the present Secretary of the Punjab B. Samaj,

2) Babu Nishikant Dhar, now Assistant Surgeon at Banda.

In 1902 Lala RamNarain Gupta B, A. L. L. B. 2nd Master, Union Academy was initiated into Brahma Dharma In spite of Bhai Prakash Dev’s constant ill-htalth due to diabetes he succeeded in initiating II young men and 4 ladies into Brahma Dharma besides intiating 7 young men as candidate mem­bers. Through his persistent efforts two young men of good parts have decided to devote themselves entirely to the service of the Brahma Samaj. Their names are Lala Sita Ram Mallick of Miani and Bhai Behari Lal Vasdeo of Isakhel. Both of them be­long to respectable families. They are at present being trained as workers.