*Detailed Description of Local Samajes.

Amaragiri - District Howrah. Estd. 18 Feb. 1882. Amaragiri New Dispensation Brahma Samaj.
Secretary:—Akhil Chandra Boy.
Members:—12 ‘Anusthanic,' 5 Non-Annsthanic Brahmos.
Sympathisers:—10. Women 12, Children, 16 Male and 9 Female.

Meetings:—3 devotional meetings are contacted every  week in Bengali. The Samaj has a ‘Mandir' of its own, which was consecrated in 1893.
1. Ashntosb Boy—Amaragiri, Knndale P. O. Dt. Howrah.

2. Prio Nath Mallick—Brahmanand Ashramt (Howrah)
3. Akhil Chandra Roy—Amaragiri, Kundale P. O. (Howrah).
The Samaj has under its management;—

(1) A school for girls.
(2) An English High School for boys.
(3) A library.
* After the name of the locality, are given the names of the District and Province and then the date of the establishment of the  Samaj. Then follow the particular designation of the  samaj and the postal address of its Mandir or Office & c., &c.

The financial needs of the Samaj are met by (1) The Mandir Fund and (2) The Mission Fund. Each member has to pay to the former at least annas 12 per annum and to the latter at least as 2. The average annual earnings are Rs. 15 and Rs. 360 respectively.


Special items of the anniversary celebrated in the second week of February are (a) whole day utsav (b) Nagar Kirtan (c) religious conversation and scripture reading (e) missionary tour (f) missionary conference (g) Divine service at local cremation ground (k) moral class to students (m) Priti Bhojan.

Amarpur. Dt. Hoogly. Estd. 1884. Amarapur  New Dispensation Brahma Samaj.
Secretary.—Mr. Haridas Boy.
Meetings-—Morning and Evening. Services on every Sunday in the house of the Secretary.
Institutions.—A Middle A. V. School.
Anniversary.—After the principal day, the local members together with the grown up boys of the school and guests from Calcutta, Hugli and Chandranagar, go round the villages singing religious songs; and with the presents received from the villagers such as rice, dal, vegetables, the party retires into some garden, where they spend the rest of the day in prayers and meditations. The Samaj is now in a languishing condition.
Andul. District Howrah. Established 1883. Andul Atmonnati Sabha. “Sivalaya,” Andul, P. O. Andul-Mowri
Secretary:—Mr. Nagendra Nath Mallick, “Sivalaya" Andul, Dt. Howrah.
Members : - 35.

Meetings:—Once every Sunday; conducted in Bengalee.
Mandir:—The Samaj has no Mandir of its own. Want is keenly felt.
Ordained Missionaries 1. Sri Pandit Abhinash Chandar
or Ministers:—    Chikrabarty “Mani Maudir,” Argari, Andul—Mowri P.O.
2. Sri Pandit Mohit Coomar Bannerjee, Andul Purbaparah, Andul-Mowri, P. O.
3.     "  Srish Chandar Mitter, do. do.
4      "  Jatindra Nath Mallik
5      "   Khetra Mohan Mitter.
6.     "   Hira Lall Mullick.
(Andul, Dt Howrah.) 

Institutions:—1. Andul Public Library.
2. Argori Bandhav Samity.