Chittagong. Assam. Estd. 23rd December 1855.
(I)Chittagong (New Dispensation) Brahma Samaj, Chittagong.
Secretary:—Baboo Srish Chandar Das, Chittagong.
Members:—on the roll 32.
Anusthanic Brahmas 61. 14 men, 13 women, 34 children. Non-Anusthanics 5.
Meetings:—3 in a week in Bengali.
Mandir.—The samaj has a mandir of its own.
Minister.—Baboo Rajeswar Gupta.
Finances:—Each member has to pay a subscription of at least annas 2 a month. There are three funds:—
1. The Mission Fund Rs.60.
2. The Mandir Fund Ks.150.
3. The Samaj Fund.
Publications:—1. The History of the Samaj.
2. Rup-Sanatan. 3. Brahma Kanya. 4. Sangit Ananda Lahari (2 parts). 5. God as King.  6. God as Mother. 7. Vishwa Jananir Rajah (by a lady). 8. Asha Pushpa. Ditto 9. Upasana Pranali. 10. Balya Dharma. 11. Inner growth. 12. Iswar Karunamay Raja.
Institutions:—1. Bhagini Samaj:—A Ladies’ Association where Brahmicas of both Samajes meet fortnightly for religious exercises. They read essays written by them­selves and extracts from religious books, besides regular divine services. It is entirely managed by women.
2. Ragged School which is supported by the local Municipality. 3. Children’s Association.
4. Bidhan Library.
Anniversary:—1. Nagar Sankirtan.

2. Special prayers and songs.
3. Whole day Utsav.
4. Mahila Utsav.
5. Special prayer for artisan classes.
6. Exhibition of the articles made by the artisans.
7. Solitary Communion.
Chittagong. Estd. 27th March 1887.
(2) Chittagong Brahma Samaj, College Road, Rahamatganj. Estd. as a Prarthana Samaj in 1887, as a Brahma Samaj in 1893 when some of the members became anusthanic.
Secretary :—Babu Atul Chandra Dutta.
Members :—Anusthanic 32. Non-anusthanic 22. Children 53.
Sympathisers:- 20.
Meetings:—Divine service is held every Sunday morning and evening and on Wednesday in the evening.
Institutions:- (1) Sangat Sabha on Fridays.
(2) Sunday Moral Training School for children.
(3) Ram Mohan Library.
Mandir:—The Samaj has a ‘Mandir’ of its own built at a cost of about Rs. 2,500, which was consecrated on 22nd Sept­ember 1897. Its Trust Deed was executed on 10th Nov­ember 1898.
Minister:- Babu Harischandra Dutt, Hd. Master, National Institution, Chittagong.
Publications:—1. Place of man in the history of social reforms—Price Rs. 0-1-3
2. Domestic Happiness—Price Rs. 0-2-0 by Atul Chandar Dutt.
History:—In 1887 Babu Nava Dwip Chandra Das, Missionary of the Sadharan Brahma Samaj visited Chittagong on a mission tour and through the help of Babu Jatra Mohan Sen, the leading pleader of the District Court and some others established a ‘Prarthana Samaj.’ At first a thatched house was erected for the Samaj in August 1887. A decent permanent pucca building was built and conse­crated in 1897. Babu Harischandra Dutt and his cousin Babu Surashi Mohan Sen are the first Anusthanic members of the Samaj. Their initiation took place in April 1892 before which there was no local Anusthanic member. In the year 1894 the idea of establishing a Brihma pally (village) for the local Brahmas having suggested itself a piece of land was secured and some ten dwellings have since been built on the site. The Samaj was affiliated to the S. B. Samaj, Calcutta in 1904.
Comilla. Estd. 1862.
The Comilla Brahma Samaj, Comilla, (East Bengal).
Secretary: - Baba Piarinath Nandy, Comilla.
Members: —40 Members. 8 anusthanic Brahma families.
Meetings: —Divine service is being held every Sunday evening in Bengalee.
Mandir:—The Samaj has pucca building of its own built on a rent-free land given by H. H. The Maharaja of Tipperab.
Ministers: - Babu Rajani Nath Nandy, B.L. Babu Gurudayal Sinha.
Institution:—Students’ weekly service.