Sylhet.—    Estd. 1862.
(l)   Sylhet Brahma Samaj, Sylhet (Assam).
Secretary.—Raj Chandra Chowdiri, Special Snb-Registrar, Sylhet.
Members.—31. Of this 9 are Anusthanic.
Meetings.—Once a week in Bengali.
Mandir.—There is a separate Mandir a tin-roofed house, opened in 1861 A.D.
Workers.—1 Mrs. Hemanta Kumari Chowdiri.
2 Mr. Raj Chandra Chowdiri.
Funds.—There is a Charity Fund amounting to Rs. 650. The minimum subscription is one anna per month.
Mis.—One pamphlet was published in Bengali. Name of the pamphlet “Maharashtriya Sadhus and Saduhis." The Samaj is contemplating to take up Temperance Work iu earnest.

Sylhet (Maulvi Bazar).            Estd. 15 th Septr. 1901.
(2)   The South Sylhet Brahma Samaj.
Maulvi Bazar P. O. (Sylhet Dt.).
Secretary:—Babu Kali Prasanna Mitra, B. A., B. L., Pleader, Maulvi Pazar.  (Sylhet Dt.)
Members:—5, one of which is Jnusthanic.
Meetings:—Divine service In Bangali is held every Snaday evening excepting in the Pujah Holidays when members are away.
Mandir:—No Mandir. Divine service is held in the house of one of the members. No necessity is at present felt for a separate Mandir.


Tangail.—Dt. Mymensing.               Estd. Nov. 1884.
(I). Tangail New Dispensation Brahma Samaj, Tangail P. O. (Mymensing Dt ).
Secretary.—Babu Sashi Bhushan Talakdar, Pleader, Tangail P. O. (Mymensing Dt.).
Members.—36.  =  31  Anusthanic. 5 Non—Anusthanic.
meetings.—Two meetings in the week in Bengali. There is also a fortnightly prayer meeting.
Mandir.—There was a thatched house in which the weekly services of the Samaj used to be held but it is now burnt down; the divine services are at present held in the sanctuary of the Secretary. The necessity of a Mandir is keenly felt.
Minister.—Babu Durgadas Bose, Baghil P. O. (Tangail).
Funds.—No fixed subscription. Sums for the building fund have been collected and amounted to Rs. 500.
Institutions.—1  Weekly Divine Service.
2   A Moral Training Class for boys.
3   A Sangat Sabha.
4    The Megha Bijali Sabha.
(a religious meeting to understand the attributes of God).
5   A library.
Publications.—The following books have been published by the Samaj from time to time (1) ‘Nawa Bidlian Tattca' in Bengali by Dnrgadaa Bose (2) “ Jwalanta Stoapna Darsan” by Babu RadhaNath Ghose. This is a short poem describing figuratively as a vision in a dream the life and character of Keshub. (3)‘Mahakarshan’ or the ‘great attraction’ by Radha- nath Ghose. (4) ‘Sree Harilila Rashamrita Sindhu, Part I, (5)‘Brahmopashna. (6) Padya Nava Sanhita in Bengali—by Sashi Bhushan Talukadar.“  There were three Journals called 'Ma Brahmandcstcari's Rasana,’ Bralimanda-patir Banshinad’ and 'Navabidhana-Mrita- sangibani,’ which are now discontinued.

History.—The Tangall Brahma N.D. Samaj has been establish­ed in Novr. 1884 only a few months after the ascension of Minister Keshub Chunder Sen. Babu Radhanath Ghose, a pleader of the Munsiff's Court was mainly instrumental in the hands of God in founding this Samaj. On the very day of its establishment, it was christened with the name of “ the New Dispensation Brahma Samaj’’ and the following two rules were laid down for the future guidance of the Samaj and Babu Durgadas Bose was appointed Minister and Babu Radhanath Ghose, Seoretary to the Samaj.
(1)All matters relating to the Samaj will be regulated by the unanimity of voice of the members of the Church.
(2)That the divine services will be conducted on two days each month by the local minister and on the other two days by the other two members of the Samaj by turn.

The work of the Samaj went on smoothly for about a year and several rospcctablo poople joinod it. Unfortunately after the first anniversary of the Samaj a few members raised objection as to the name ‘‘New Dispensation” and urged that it should be expunged. As no unanimity could be secured on the point a few other brethren among whom Babu Gopal Chandra Guha was a leading spirit, seceded from the parent Church and established a separate Brahma Samaj called 'Tangail Brahma Samaj,’ in sympathy with the Sadharan Brahma Samaj of Calcutta. Henceforth these two Samajes worked simultaneously at Tangail and there was no lack of energy and enthusiasm in either of them. Subsequently Babu Gopal Cbandra Gu’ia and Babu Durganath Muznmdar rejoined the parent Ohnrch. The former took his initiation in the faith of the New Dis­pensation openly and showed to others the way to it. The Calcutta Missionaries are doing their best to help the Samaj here. A Mandir is to be erected and tho need for it has been very keenly felt.

Tangail.—  Estd. 1886.
(2). The Tangail Brahma Samaj, Tangail ( My­mensing Dt.).
Secretary.—Babn Umesh Chandra Nag, Tangail ( Mymensing Dt.).
Meetings.—Twice in the week in Bengali.
Mandir.—'There is a Mandir to which certain additions are now proposed to be made.
Institutions.—Sargat Sabha.