Panjab & United Provinces - 1


Allahabad.     Reorganised 12th Feby. 1911.
Secretary—Mr. N. V. Ghumre.
Weekly divine service is held in the honse of the Secretary at Katra. Attendance is very poor.
There was a Sadharan Brahma Samaj which worked since 1865 to 1908 under the guidance of Babu Indabhnsan Bay its Minister and Babu Ramanand Chattergi, M.A., late Principal of the Kayastha-Patheala and Editor of the Prabasi and Modern Review. Allahabad was selected as a centre for Brahmic work a long time before by the Adi Samaj and Brahma Samaj of India but all attempts to establish a Brahma Samaj have failed for some reason or another.

Amritsar.    Estd. 1098.
The Brahma Samaj, Amritsar.
Secretary—Dr. Brijlal Bhalla.
Meetings—Divine Service once a week in Urdu.
The Samaj is in a moribund condition since 1911.

Banu.    ( Frontier Provinces.)   Estd. 1910.
Prayer Meeting, Banu.
Secretary—Dr. Sham Lal.
Members    --9.
Meetings.—Divine Service once a week in Urdu.

Cawnpore   U. P.    Estd. 1897.
Brahma Samaj, Cawnpore.
Secretary—Babu Mahendranath Sarkar, Civil aud Military Hotel, Cawnpore.
Membera.— 7.
Meetings.—Divine Service, every Sunday.

Dehradun.   U. P.          Estd. II Nov. 1865.
Dehradun Brahma Samaj,   Dehradun, U. P.
Sceretary—Mr. Mukandanand Acharya, Dehradun, U. P.
Members—Six, of whom all are Anusthanic.
Meetings—Divine Service once a week in Bengali,
Mandir—None-Servioes are held in the honse of a member. Mr. Ishanchadra Dev, R. A. A plot of ground has been purchased and a building fund opened.
Institutions—Brahma Samaj Library and Ram Mohun Library.

Delhi.     Estd. 1909
Brahma Samaj, Delhi.
Secretary —Prof. N. K. Sen, M. A.
Meetings—Divine Service is held once a week generally in Bengali in the honse of Prof. Dhirendranath Chaudhari!. M. A.

Attempt is being made to extend the wortk among the residents of the place.

Dholpur.    U. P.    Estd. 1909.
Prayer Meeting, Dholpur State, U. P.
Secretary—Mr. Harbhagwan Anand, Auditor of Accounts, Dholpur State.
Meetings—Services are regularly held in the house of the Secretary which are attended by 8 or 10 Friends.

Firozpore.    (Punjab)    Estd. 1909.

Sadharan Brahma Samaj,  Ferozpore.
Secretary—Lala Jagannath Kapur.
This Samaj has been in a moribund condition since March 1912.

Ghazipore.    U. P.    Estd. 1873.
Ghazipore New Dispensation Brahma Samaj.
Secretary—Babu Nitya Gopal Ray, Pleaders who also repre­sents the congregation in the gentral council of the Brahma Samaj of India at Calcutta.
Mandir—Divine Service is held every Sunday in the Mandir.

Isakhel.   ( District Mianwali, Punjab)     Estd. 1910.
Sadharan Brahma Samaj, Isakhel.
Secretary—Lala Wali Ram.
Meetings—Service once a week in Urdu.