Panjab & United Provinces - 3

Lucknow.       (U. P.)      Estd. October 1868.
(I)   Ajodhya New Dispensation Brahma Samaj, Lucknow.
Secretary.—Babu Bhuban Mohan Ray, Aminabad.
Mandir.—The spacious Mandir is situated at Jhas-tal-ka-Pul The foundation stone was laid by the late Acharya Keshab Chandra Sen. It was opened on Saturday the 25th Not. 1882 with a public declaration by the late Rev. Bhai Protap Chandra Mozumdar (Vide Lucknow “Express,” 2nd Dec. 1882).
Congregation.—After the Second schism the congregation of the Ajodhya Brahma Mandir did not desert either "Keshab or the mother-church the Brahma Samaj of India but had been loyal all along to the Acharya and the ideal of the Ntiw Dispensation as expressive of the highest developed phase ol the religion of the Brahma Samaj (The substance of its spirit and principles being indicated in the booklet, Nava-Sanhita or new laws of Life.)
Members.—There are eleven subscribing members of the congregation to be controlled and managed by an Exe­cutive committee but the strength Of the Samaj consists of 43 souls including women and children. The congregation is represented in the general Council of the Brahma Samaj of India by Dr. Binoy Bhusan Bose L. H. Ms.
Meetings—The weekly Upasana is held every Sunday evening usually in Bengali. As opportunity and occasion allows arrangements for Hindi Service are also made. For the present no meeting of the young men’s theistic brotherhood is held.
Funds.—Among the trusts created by the late Bisso Nath Ray are Rs. 2,000 made over to B. Gopal Chandra Ghosh (now succeeded by Binoy Bhusan Ghosh, B. A.) Bhuban Mohan Ray, Bipin Mohan Sehanavis and the Secretary Brahma Samaj of India in trust to spend the income of the above fund for the propagation of the tenets of Brahmaism according to the principles of the new dispensation church in Oudh and also a beqaeathment of Rs. 500 income of whioh is to be paid yearly or half-yearly to the Manager Brahma Mission Fund New Dispensation Church, Calcutta,(Vide Bu Ray’s last will and testament with its 3rd codicil-). The Samaj also gets Rs. 36 annually in the shape of monthly subscription and an annual anniversary grant of Rs. 14 for charity to the poor from Bu Ray’s endowment fund. Besides the minimum monthly subscription is annas four.
Missionaries.—The apostles and missionaries of the Brahma Samaj of India are invited annually to stay here usually from 3 to 5 months and do the work in connection of the Samaj. They are recognised as Ex. Officio members of the Samaj.
Tracts.—Whenever tho funds permit Urdu and Hindi' pamphlets explaining the spirit and pninciples of the. New Dispensation are published and distributed free.
Library.—There is a library attached to the Samaj. It was started by purchasing some vory valuable books of the late Bissonath Ray. It now contains over 200 tooks. Arrangements have recently been made for a prayer meet­ing every Sunday morning at Mr. A. P. Sen’s house which some of the Brahma's join regularly. Altogether 10 Brahma marriages have been celebrated in the city, all of them being registered under Act III.
(The above information was received from Mr.N.N. Ray for Mr. B. M. Ray, Secretary Of the Ajodliya New Dispensation Brahma Samaj, in June 1012.)