(8)    Mawstoh:—    Estd. 12 Dec. 1898.
Mawstoh Brahma Samaj, Laitkynsew P. O.
Secretary:—U. Boikha, Mawstoh Brahma Samaj, Laitkynsew P. O. (CherapuajeeJ
Assistant Secretary U. Roson Roy.

Khasi Hills- -continued.
(9)    Nongrim.    Estd. 1893.
Destroyed by Earth-quake ( 1897 ). 
Revived in 1909.
Nongrim Brahma Samaj, Cheeropoonjee.

Secretary:—Mr. Ka Lasi Brahma.
Nongrim Brahma Samaj, Cheerpoonjee P. O.
Members:—2 Women and about 15 Sympathisers.
Meetings:—Onoe a week in the Khasi language,

Mandir:—Only a temporary hut which will last a year,
Minister:-Oswathama Roy, Mission Worker.
Institution—A small day-school for children.
(10) Nongthymmal-    Estd. 1889.

Nongthymmai Brahma Samaj, Nongthymmai, Cherrapoonjee P. O.        
Secretary:—U. Pyrkhot
Members:—6. 4 men
2 women   Anusthanic.
1 Child

Meetings:—2 meetings a week in Khasi language.
Mandir:—Old Mandir destroyed by earth-quake. Rebuilt and consecrated on 26th June 1901.
Mission Worker:—U. Rohini Kanta Roy.
(11)  Nongwar.- .    Estd. 1909.

This is an experimental Brahma Samaj.
Secretary and Minister:—U. Kihori, Mission Worker. There are about 8 Sympathisers.

Khasl Hllis —continued.
Meetings:— twice a week.
Laitkynsew P. O. ( Cherrapeonjee.)
Sasarat.—     Estd. 1907.
Sasarat Brahma Samaj.
Secretary:—U Johan Brahma, Sasarat Brahma Samaj, Laitky- nsew P/O. ( Cheerpoonjee. )
Members:—5 Adults and 2 children ( One Family) Anuasthanic   
Meetings:—Once a week.
Mandir:—There is none.
Mlnister:—Surjamani Roy, Mission Worker.

Sohlap.    Estd. 13th October 1889.
Sohlap Brahma Samaj, Shella Laitkynsew. P. O. (Cherrapoonjee).
Secretary:—U. Joinmanik        do.   do.   do.
Members:—58. 34 men
24 women      Anusthanic.
23 children.    
Meetings :—6 every week in Khasi language.
Mandir:-- There is a Maudir rebuilt after the earthquake of 1897 and consecrated in 1900.
Lay Ministers :— 1. U. Joinmanik.
2.  U. Hari.
3. U. Bishon.

Khasi Hills —continued.    
Subscriptions:-- One or two pice per week according as the members can   afford.
Institutions:—1 Saturday Conversational Meeting.
2 Women’s Meeting.