१-फर्ग्युसनमधील रोजनिशी

फर्ग्युसनमधील रोजनिशी

गुरुवार, चैत्र शुद्ध २ शके १८१९ ता. २४ मार्च १८९८

आज मि. ह्युज ह्यांनी लिहिलेले महान शोधक प्रवासी डाक्टर डेव्हिड 'लिव्हिंग्स्टन' यांचे वेधक चरित्र वाचून संपविले.१ मनावर सद्‍बोधाचा ठसा किती खोल उठला आहे !  घरकोंबड्या कादंबरीकारांनी लिहिलेली खोटीनाटी चरित्रे वाचून काळ दवडण्यापेक्षा नुसती करमणूक जरी ज्या कोणास पाहिजे असल्यास त्यांनीसुध्दा असल्या धाडसी पुरुषसिंहाची चरित्रे वाचावी अशी माझी कळकळीची शिफारस आहे. इंग्रजांच्या सुधारणेचे, दयार्द्रतेचे, दृढनिश्चयाचे आणि अनेक मानसिक व शारीरिक शक्तींचे ढळढळीत उदाहरण ह्या चरित्रनायकात दिसते आहे. इंग्रज लोक म्हणजे मनुष्यच. त्यांच्या..... क्तीचे अमोल्य गुण वाचून दुर्गुण .... त्यांच्या व अन्याय मी विसरलो इतकेच नव्हे तर असले आपल्या राष्ट्राला चिरस्मरणीय [क] रणारे मोहरे ज्यात वेळोवेळी उपजत आहेत ते सर्व राष्ट्रच मला धन्य वाटू लागले !!  काय त्याची अपार परार्थता !  कोण ती उद्योगाची एकतानता !!  त्याने मानलेल्या देवावर किती शुद्ध बावनकशी श्रध्दा !!  बहाद्दराने मरणाचे दारी उभा असताही स्वीकृत कार्यासाठी पुढे टाकलेले पाऊल मागे घेतले नाही ना !!!  त्याच्या धर्माचा मासला पहा.  तो म्हणतो, "Fastings and vigils without a special object are time run to waste, made to minister to a kind of self-gratification instead of being turned to account for the good of others.  They are like groaning in sickness."  He was to us an explorer, scientist, philanthrophist.....

Finished reading 'The Principles of Wealth-Creation' by Prof. Bain [of] Deccan College.२  Admire and am well instructed by the Quadruple principles of wealth-creation and four (Aristotellian) causes of wealth viz [Land], Form or Design, Labour and Demand.  The authors advocacy of money and its true function viz the medium through which demand is effected, is both interesting and instructive.  He gives a merited slap on the faces of both an enthusiastic Free Trader and a Protectionist and asserts rather boldly that the sole cause of a nations prosperity in Trade is abundance of .... he also firmly declares ..... who make much of the .... force but he need not take Socialism to task for the matter.  A God is not to be ridiculed for the defects of his worhippers.  Socialism as protest against the excesses of the capitalism and the neglect of the working classes should be defended by everyone . . . . . of Bimetallism is nothing but repetition viz the importance of the abundance of money dwelt upon overagain.

Book II & III avowedly irrelevant with the title of the book.  The analysis of distribution into Rent, Price, [Interest], Profit, Wages etc. etc. is quite unscientific.  Rent and [Interest] may come under Remuneration for the right of ownership over, may be it land, a building, a commodity or money used as capital.  Profit and wages are remunerations for labour both intellectual and physical.  The item 'Price' is quite unintelligible.  For it is not an element but a compound that may be again analysed into Rent etc. etc.  Thus the whole Distribution takes place between the owners of matter of the labourers [ physical and intellectual ].  [ The ] rhetoric and the constant humourous . . . . . of the author are out of place in a scientific exposition which he attempts and go to swell the volume unneccessarily.  The same ideas are repeated and hammered out into an unnatural length.  The refutation of the Recardian theory of Rent is not perfectly satisfactory, though well-attempted.