६-फर्ग्युसनमधील रोजनिशी

अरेरे !  माझा आवडता विषय तात्त्विकशास्त्र हा सोडून मी ऐच्छिक विषय इतिहास व कायदा हे घेतले ही मी केवढी चूक केली१४ !  डेक्कन कॉलेजातले २।३ वर्षे अध्ययन करून शेवटी मी जरी बी. ए. त नापास झालो असतो तरी बरे.  पण मागच्याच वर्षीचा इतिहास आणि तो घाणेरडा कायदा पुन्हः वाचून (केवळ पोकळ पदवीसाठी !)  अखेर विद्याक्रम आटपावयाचा म्हणजे मला फार वाईट वाटत आहे !!  कसेही करून ह्या युनिव्हर्सिटीचा एकादा शिक्का घेऊन हिच्या कष्टमय कचाट्यातून सुटावे असे मला वाटत होते व आहे.  पण माझे आवडते विषयच माझे ऐच्छिक विषय घेऊन मी पास होईन असे मला धैर्य त्यावेळी आले नाही हे किती कमनशीब - अथवा नामर्दाई. आवडीपेक्षा सोयीला अधिक मान दिला याबद्दल हे फार खडतर शासन झाले.  असो, पण डेक्कन कॉलेजात न जाण्याचे कारणांपैकी सबळ कारण माझ्या प्रिय जनाक्काचे शिक्षण व तिजसंबंधी माझी महत्त्वाकांक्षा ही आहे ना ?  त्यात जर मला मनाजोगती सिध्दी मिळेल- अशी अशा आहे - तर वरील शासन मी सोसण्यास अगदी तयार आहे.

Speaking about the fall of Metaphysics and the rise of the present Positive Philosophy in its place, Lewes says at the end of his grand History of Philosophy.  "The one department of inquiry still in favour which belonged of old to Metaphysics is the department of Psychology and in this the only cultivators who have a large following are positive thinkers, namely, Professor Bain and Mr. Herbert Spencer.

The last named writer is one daily rising into wider influence.  In spite of the internecine warfare between his principles and the theological and metaphysical principles officially admitted, even antagonists are compelled to admit the force and clearness of his genius.  the extent and profundity of his scientific knowledge.  It is questionable whether any thinker of finer calibre has appeared in our country; although the future alone can determine the position he is to assume in History.  At present he is too close to us for an accurate estimate; and moreover, to this end his system should be before us in its entirety, whereas only two parts-First Principles (1862) and The Principles of Biology (1864-7) and the first volume of the Principles of Psychology-have as yet appeared.  He alone of British thinkers has organized a system of Philosophy.  (Pages 756-57).

Mr. Spencer is unequivocally a Positive Philosopher, however he may repudiate being considered a desciple of Comte.  His object is that of the Positive Philosophy-namely, the organization into a harmonious Doctrine of all the highest generalities of Science by the application of the Positive Method and the complete displacement of Theology and Metaphysics.  The peculiar character he impresses on it by his thorough working out in detail of the Law of Evolution-a Law which Shelling said was the peculiar creation of Modern Thought, and which the Germans have worked out with great success in almost every direction, constitutes a real claim to our admiration." (Page 758).

I was anxiously searching for my own idol in this spelendid pantheon of worthies built by Lewes and Lo !  to my greatest satisfaction I find him (Spencer) seated at the very end of the series, as a veteran with due honours at the rearguard of an army !!