पुरवणी नं. २ - मॅन्चेस्टर कॉलेजचे दाखले

मी ऑक्सफोर्ड एथील मॅन्चेस्टर कॉलेजमध्यें दोन वर्षें राहून कॉलेजच्या परीक्षेंत चांगला पास झालो होतो तरी मला कोणतीही पदवी मिळाली नाहीं. याचें कारण हें कॉलेज अगदीं नव्या विचाराचें आणि सुधारलेल्या वळणाचें आणि ऑक्सफोर्ड कॉलेज हें अगदीं जुन्या ख्रिस्ती धर्माला चिकटून असलेले होते म्हणून या कॉलेजला ऑक्सफर्ड विश्वविद्यालयानें मान्यता देणें शक्य नव्हतें म्हणून मॅन्चेस्टर कॉलेजने आपल्या स्वतःचा डिप्लोमा (Diploma) दिला. बडोद्याचे महाराज सर सयाजीराव गायकवाड यांनीं मला ऑक्सफोर्डला जाण्यासाठी प्रवासखर्च दिला होता व येण्यापूर्वी अभ्यासाचा दाखला कॉलेजच्या अधिका-याकडून योग्य रीतीनें आल्यास परत प्रवासखर्च मिळेल अशी अट घालण्यांत आली होती. त्या अटीप्रमाणें मॅन्चेस्टर कॉलेजचे प्रिन्सिपॉल व माझे खास टयूटर (Tutor) या दोघांचे दाखले खालीं दिले आहेतः-

(1) Manchester College. Oxford, March 4, 1903.
 The following is the report of Mr. V. R. Shinde presented to the Committee in June 1902 :-
Mr. V. R. Shinde, from want of previous preparation has had considerable difficulty in following the lectures on the New Testament. He has not attended the classes in the Old Testament. He has written two philosophical essays, showing original thought, one on Self-realization and the other on the Genesis of Free-will. He wrote excellent fortnightly papers during the Lent term on subjects connect with the History of Religion in India. During the Summer term be read Pali, weekly with Mr. Carpenter, and made excellent progress through his knowledge of Sanskrit. He has sent in a very thoughtful essay on Theories of Incarnation in “Vishnavism and Budhism”.
In the present session he has attended classes in philosophy with Mr. Upton, in Old Testament with Mr. Addis; and in Doctrinal Theology with me. With his general conduct in the College we are more than satisfied.
(2) Manchester College. Oxford, March 1st, 1903.
Mr. V. R. Shinde, B. A. has attended my lectures on the History of Religion, during two acadamical years with great diligence and faithfulness. He has prepared a series of papers on subjects prescribed for his study with industry, care and insight; and has shown much ability in his power to condence into short compass the results of considerable reading. The work of the second year which I have had from him, has been naturally in advance of that of the first, and has been in every way satisfactory to me. The subjects have included, Hinduism, Mohammedanism, Zardustrianism and the Religions of China. I may add that during one term, Mr. Shinde read with me every week, in the early Pali Texts of Budhism and showed that his Sanskrit knowledge would enable him to make rapid advance in his branch of study.
Case Lecturer in Comparative Religion